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Erika and I watch Two Best Friends Play on Youtube, really the only youtubers we find consistently entertaining honestly.

I made a version of this awhile ago while they were playing Yakuza 4 and then later changed the font and forgot about it for months, decided to put it up here since I’ve been uploading my other Photoshop stuff.

It would have been wrong to not put Pat as Kiryu


For some reason I just beat Guacamelee: Gold Edition on hard mode, meaning I have now gotten every single achievement in this game. The obsolete version, too, since there’s Super Turbo Championship Edition and the games are considered to be different (for… some reason). Oh well, still a fun game. Since I would get STCE way cheaper by owning Gold Edition already… hmm. I might do it. Maybe as a birthday self-present. My birthday is on the Day of the Dead after all, seems appropriate.

Also, I had to use the Woolie skin, by Technological (ported to Gold Edition by Qwazzy) on the Steam Workshop. I did get partway through part 3 of Woolie and Liam’s playthrough but stopped once they got to a new STCE area. 

Go wrestle a bear or something.

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